Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pick n Mix challenge: 3 dark colors

I love dark colors and vampy ones are my favorite! I wanted to make layers of dark feather stamps - but my camera was just not picking them up as they looked in real life :( But the nails still look pretty thou they look more like layers of fish scales stamps.

The base is Catrice Black to the roots. The stamps are made with Chine glaze Tounge & chic, Don't make me wine. The plates I used are MM14 and MM08.

Source: Tumblr

Monday, October 27, 2014

MoYou London review - Fashionista 08

I got the great honor to work with the amazing stamping plate company MoYou London again. They relay dominate the stamping market. I am obsessed with the damask wallpaper type of patterns since forever. And when I saw this Fashionista 08 plate I fell in love! It is the most amazing collection of 3 different sized patterns. I just had to make a romantic vampy fall mani full of beautiful dark colors <3  

Here is the plate with the sleeve and a close up of the patterns.

As always the plates are etched perfect the pictures pick up perfectly. And they fit my tiny nail beds quite nicely. 

For this mani I used Misslyn Purple rain as base. The stamps are done with Dashica Red and Essence stamp me! black.

So ladies if you share my damask obsession and want some amazing vampy manis head on over to MoYou London


Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday stamping: Zombie bunnies

This weeks Sunday stamping challenge in AiS was freestyle Halloween mani. I just wanted to do something cute and in classic colors - orange, purple, black and green. And how adorable are zombie bunnies that go BOOH? <3

For this mani I used OPI Where did Suzis man-go?, Catrice Be my Violetine and made some linear gradients. Then I made some distressed black tips with Essence stamp me! black which is perfect for this since the bottle was quite empty and every stroke was a perfect distressed line. The stamps are done with Essence stamp me! white and Mundo de Unas polish. The plate I used is MoYou London Sci fi 01

Who said Halloween nails can't be adorable :)


Tidebuy Cyber Monday sale

Hello ladies!

It's Halloween and fall sales time of the year and I just wanted to let you know that the online store Tidebuy has a Cyber Monday sale every Monday! How exciting is this? It's a type of flash sale that applies to a lot of items in a different way! So head on over - check it all out and cash in on Monday!


Sheinside Wishlist

I discovered this amazing clothing store Sheinside full of all kinds of clothes and accessories. They have something for everybody. I found it pure heaven since they offer a lot of lace, printed and dark clothes. Also there are sales all time and great ways to earn store points! 

I got so excited I created a wish list so I can keep track of what I want to get! I added links to it all so if any of you girls like something you see you can just head on over since they offer worldwide shipping! 

TOPS - My favorite is the Cupcake R.I.P Diet sweatshirt - I need this in my life

DRESSES and LEGGINGS - I have hoarded quite a few of these in the past year. But I am still a sucker for the Queen of Hearts printed leggings and some simple printed dresses that can be worn through out the year :)

ACCESSORIES - I could fill up the cart with just accessories! I love the unique range of items they have here - so I added only the greatest hits on my Wishlist :)

Apricot Gemstone Gold Hollow Dangle Earrings
Black Gemstone Gold Diamond Chain Necklace
Black Clock Print PU-Leather-Bag
White Stripe Print Round Sunglasses


You can never have enough skeletons in your closet

I love Halloween time because my skull and bones fetish is finally not frowned upon for a short time. And this year I was not completely broke when the 'costumes' hit the stores. I already have a lot of skull and crossbones clothes but now I finally got the chance to create a full skeleton look :)

The gloves and the stockings were supposed to be glow in the dark but from what I saw so far they didn't glow. Maybe they are one of those that need to be exposed to light 1st. So to put this skeleton look together as a simple idea for a Halloween costume :)

Here is the complete look that includes skeleton gloves, stockings and a rainbow galaxy skeleton sweather. Some lace shorts and huge dark eye make up. To show off the feet bones I wore some opened toe shoes - which might not be a very good idea for an actual night out since it's getting cold out there. I also got these crazy eye candy that fits perfectly to my close up image the the best bone details :)

I fell in love with the new Book of life movie trailer and it inspired this look a bit :)

Here is another picture of the outfit with the gloves a bit more exposed <3

Sweather: eBay, Shoes: eBay, shirts: Red star, Gloves: Muller, Stockings: Lidl

Do you ever want to wear a simple version of a Halloween costume in every day life? 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Pick n Mix challenge: Grey + color

I adore the color gray in any combination with a bright color. But the best partner for gray is yellow in my opinion :) I had this amazing Arcane lacquer called State of grace for a while and now it's time to make it shine. Since it's quite sheer I made a stampwich with some Mundo de Unas polishes and hehe 005 plate. I added some studs from Bornpretty store on the accent finger since I thought it needed something extra.

I kind off like how it turned out - all pretty, shimmery and subtle :)

Here is a swatch of Arcane lacquer State of grace. It's a gray jelly with gold shimmer and gold shards. It's a bit on the sheer side so I used a layer of white polish as base.

If you want any of the amazing Arcane lacquers head on over to her etsy store :)

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