Sunday, December 10, 2017

WitchCraft nails: Black cat

Recently I adopted a family of stray black cats, and I decided to make nail art dedicated to them. At the same time I think it is important to raise awareness about stray animals in urban areas in the Winter months. No need to full on adopt them, but if you can offer any type of shelter or food for them, there is some good karma in it for ya for sure :) 

At the same time the black cat is the most classic familiar a witch can have, and now I have a pack of them. They make me so happy since I know nobody else wants them. To wear black on my nails is second nature to me, but when I got these water decals from BornPretty Store I was kind off worried how will they show up on the nails. I think they came out great! 

The water decals come in a few different designs and you can see them HERE. They are quite cheap and easy to use which is always a plus when you work with nail art supplies. I highly recommend them to any witch out there that wants to carry her familiar on her nails all day long. 

The base for all my nails was Essence I witch you were here, I just had to buy it since it was part of their Halloween limited edition.

* Stay magical ...


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

NOTD: Fall fruits

I think a lot of people consider fruit as part of Summer designs, I keep seeing cherries and strawberries in my feed. But Fall designs keep featuring mostly foliage and vegetables. So I decided to make a look featuring some abstract fruit for this season.

I decided to choose a pale orange holo as base, a shade that perfectly fits the season. I added some black branches that feature some abstract orange fruits full of glitter. It was a very easy way to wear glitter, holo and a lot of glam in this season.

For this manicure I used Golden rose Holographic 02 nail polish. The stamps are made with BM11 stamping plate and BPS Black stamping polish. The litter dotts are made with Zoya Beatrix

But if I would use some other colors this look can be used any time of the year. Make it red, white and blue and you have a patriotic look. Use red, green and gold and the manicure will look festive and ready for the Christmas season. So keep that in mind when you are looking for inspiration in the future.

Enjoy all the Fall beauty look posted on the page Glam - express and don't forget to enter their amazing Halloween beauty contest. 


Friday, November 3, 2017

NOTD: Fall foliage

Winter is just around the corner, which means a ton of 'Winter wonderland' and Christmas inspired nail art will be all over all my social media feeds. And I am not looking forward to that since I feel like all I see is snowflakes from November until March. So lets embrace the Pumpkin spice latte smelling part of the year and enjoy some simple Fall Foliage NOTD. 

I wanted to create some fancy leaves but I have such short nails right now because of my work. So I decided to pile on all the leaves in different metallics and cover everything with matt top coat. I just adore the combination of matt and metallics. I think this turned out great - it is so simple. All you need are stamping plates with leaves, and to create decals out of them and then just apply them on your nail. 

For this manicure I used Chic I will break your heart as base. The stamping polishes I used are BPS Gold, Kiko Red peonia and Taupe. The stamping plates I used were BM04, BM-S206 and BM-S207.

Enjoy all the Fall beauty look posted on the page Glam - express and don't forget to enter their amazing Halloween beauty contest. 


Sunday, October 29, 2017

Avon Pink Illusions nail polish review

It is not secret that I am not a fan of the color pink. But this month is it Breast cancer awareness week that is being celebrated with pink. And I got these new Avon Pink illusion nails polishes that are a perfect way to celebrate this month of womanhood. A bunch of pinks on my blog will hopefully remind some of my readers how important check ups with your lady doctor is. 

Metallize me, this one is the hit of the year. I mean there are rose gold stuff everywhere. But it is a shade that is tough to create or take a photo of. For this swatch I applied 2 coats for full opacity. And the formula is very smooth when you apply it, if you apply it very carefully there are no streaks created from the brush. I rather like how this one looks, and the drying time is fantastic, but all Avon nail polishes from the Mark. line seem of a very high quality to me. So I expect only the best from them and this 1st shade did not disappoint me. 

Glam rock is a textured nail polish with a soft pink base. That features dark pink and blue shimmer while creating a 3D effect with pink grains. It reaches full opacity in 2 coats. The texture is not very hard core and a bit glittery that makes it a very fun color to wear. 

Sheer glow is the least favorite of mine. I do not like super sheer polishes and this one is crazy that way. It is a perfect bright pink, full of pure pigment and no shimmer. Which is nice if you like jelly pinks, but it was a nightmare to make it opaque. Here I applied 5 coats to reach semi-opacity. But I think it would be great to use in nail art that requires layers. And since it has 5 layers it didn't dry so well - all in all a nightmare. 

Digital illusion is the most interesting one of them all. It doesn't look pink, but the more you look at it the more you see this is a lavender type of base that has pink undertones. It shimmers blue sparkles, but the strongest shine comes from a pink/silver glow. It is very opaque so I think it was meant to be a top coat or a polish that amplifies the existing nail art. For this picture I applied 3 coats and the opacity still isn't perfect. 

Pretty in pink is the most classic of all the shades in the collection. A simple bright baby pink cream jelly that is full of pigment and has no shimmer. For the full opacity all I needed were 2 thin coats that dried very fast which made me very happy. The classic color makes me happy since I always need it for nail art so it is good to stock up. 

Here is a line up of them all. What I love about this is that you get all the hits in one collection. We have the metallic that is a rose gold which is bonus, a textured one, a sheer jelly one and some classic baby pink. And you can always mix and match them since at least 2 of them are very sheer and 2 are very opaque. 

The best part of it all no matter where you are from Avon is available to you! So visit their WEB PAGE and online store. Or if you like to be more in touch with all their newest updates follow them on their social media pages:


P.S.: Don't forget to check in with your lady doctor so you can get a check up. It is important to get regular check ins since breast cancer doesn't show up in specific symptoms until is too late. 

*these items were sent to me for my honest review*

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

WitchCraft nails: Halloween love story

I know most people don't consider Halloween a sexy time of the year (OFC if you ignore all the slutty costumes). 
But I decided to showcase somewhat of a Transylvania sexy Hotel look. I wanted to create a look featuring a castle where all the monsters go for a honeymoon. 

So I created a manicure featuring 2 classic scary couples ... Dracula & Frankenstein. Surrounded by a romantic spooky castle. 

I used a black background but I introduced some green and burgundy into it since I feel like those are signature colors of Dracula and Frankenstein. I applied the stamps featuring Dracula and a victim, also Frankenstein's monster and his lady. I just hope it is visible enough ...

source: tumblr

For this manicure I used Yes Love Black to create the base. The colors that pop are China glaze Tounge & chic and OPI Diva of Geneva. The stamps are made with Barry M Silver foil, the plates I used were BM-S249 and BM-S248.

source: tumblr

For more Hallloween looks and a spooky make up competition visit Glam - express. 

Stay magical ...

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

WitchCraft Nails: Halloween sorrow

I love Halloween so much! And the fact it is acceptable to be scary only in this time of the year makes me sad sometimes ... so when I got this stamping plate with the weeping angel I wanted to make a manicure that revolves around it. 

Since sad angels are mostly featured in cemeteries I wanted to make a classic graveyard look, with a bit of red color splashed in. 

I also wanted to use my Layla color changing nail polish. So I doubled down on it when I painted the angel. So he will stay dark most of the time. When I created a back layer featuring the woods and a castle I also used the same polish. So they appear and disappear depending on the temperature of the nails. The rest are all normal polishes and stamping polishes. So the designs look different depending on your nail temperature.

source: tumblr
For this manicure I used S-he stylezone no. 333 as base. The rest are all stamping polishes from BPS named Red, White and Black. I also used Layla Black to Grey twice in the stamps. The stamping plates I used are MoYou London Gothic 5 and 1, BPL-031, BM-S304, BM-S205, BM-316, HD01, HD03 and HD04.

For more Halloween looks and competitions don't forget to visit Glam - express. 

Stay magical ...

TUTORIAL: Foxy nails

I wanted to create some cute animal themed nails for a while now. But I could not figure out what animal fits the Fall color scheme ... somehow a fox came to mind. The orange fur they have, reminds me of this time of the year. Therefore I created this cute but also low key glam look.

The most important thing you will need here are nail polishes that have round and wide brushes. For this manicure I used a lot of glittery and shimmery nail polishes since I wanted the perfect mix of classy and cute. 
The base nail polishes are Zoya Levi, Catrice Attracting camuflage and Noble nude. I also used some of them for the dot details. For the fox details I used Essence Wild white ways and Catrice Oh my goldness, they both come with thick round brushes that make the nail art easier. I also used Yes love Black and a random hair pin to make the dot details. 

Step 1: Apply base nail polish. I used a few different ones.
Step 2: Make a little half circle on the accent nail. Make sure to use a color that fits a fox fur. To make this circle with the brush of your nail polish. Just as if you would apply it on your nail.
Step 3: Make tiny triangles on top of the fox head. I also created some dots on the outer nails. I made them using a simple hair pin. I was careful with the application to make them in 2 sizes.
Step 4: Make 2 brush strokes with white polish. That was all I did since I had polishes with very round brushes. Add some smaller dots on top of the dots you already have.
Step 5: Make a thin line in the middle of the white spots.
Step 6: Apply 3 simple black dots to give the fox some eyes and a nose. I also made 2 more dots on each of the outside nails.

This look is suitable for any nail shape. An almond shape would suit the shape of the fox face. And if you wear a square shape than just create the fox on the other side of the nail.

How do you like this look? Does it look fancy and adorable all at the same time? I think it is a simple way to wear an accent nail. And even a newcomer to nail art you can create this look on both your hands.

For more looks visit Glam - Express.

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