Thursday, July 30, 2015

TNCC Travel: Mad Max Fury road

Everyone who has gone out with me on drinks or a cup of coffee in recent times knows that all I do is rave about the new Mad Max movie! OMG I can't even get started on how awesome this movie is!!! I am quite jaded when it comes to movies now a days - which means most of the movies don't move me at all - and yes I am looking at you new Avengers movie! >:(

But Mad Max Fury road was amazing! So much so I rewatched it a bunch of times by now and I decided to make some nails inspired by that movie! :)

I hope I did it justice! I wanted to make it as fast paced and full of desert colors as the movie is. I Incorporated a bunch of vehicle related symbols. Also the flaming skull that was the mark of Immortal Joe.

They fit perfectly in this months TNCC Travel challenge - because the entire movie is one big, angry and violent road trip :)

One of the big stars of the show was this guy! I just had to add a guitar to the mani! <3

source: tumblr
For this mani I used China glaze Kalahari kiss as base. Over it I made brush strokes with Catrice Rouge, Bien Sur, Team luck Mustards and Essence Gorgeous Bling bling. The stamps are made with Essence Stamp me! black, the plates I used are MoYou London Biker 2 & 5 and Rockstar 1. Also I added some nail spikes from BPS - reasons spikes ;)

A even bigger star of the movie was Imperator Furiosa *how cool is her name?* props to the talented Charlize Theron for the play! :)

source: tumblr

If you live under a rock here is the trailer to the movie. So get hyped and go cool off into a nearest movie theatre if you haven't seen the movie by now! 

Witness me!!!!


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

TUTORIAL: Gradient animal print nail art

Today for you I have a tutorial of two things that are always in style - gradients and animal print. This is very easy to do and you can do it free hand or with stamps if you are lazy like me. Look below to see everything you need and a quick tutorial. 

For this mani you need 3 colors for the gradient. I used p2 High five, Watch me walking and Vollare.
For the animal spots I used Essence stamp me!black and MoYou London Time traveller Back to the 80's 02 stamping plate. You will also need a sponge to make the gradient and a dotting tool.

Step 1: Create any type of 3 colored gradient. But make sure the 1st and last colors are completely different or the later nail art wont be so noticeable.
Step 2: Make leopard spots. You can free hand draw them or stamp them the way I did. But make sure that there are a lot of dots that have a hollow part.
Step 3: Use the light polish and the dotting tool to fill out the dots on the dark part of the nail. Also venture out and make some dots on the part of the middle polish.
Step 4: Fill in the rest of the dots with the dark colored polish on the light base. Also fill in the other dots on the middle part of the nail. At the end don't forget a nice layer of top coat so it will look all smooth and finished since the dots can sometimes look a bit 3D.  

Here is a finished result. It is a simple and easy nail art that will never go out of style and will always impress the people around you. 

This post was made for Glam-express that is an amazing page full of tutorials, reviews and daily posts of beauty bloggers all over. A great place for inspiration! :)


Monday, July 27, 2015

Pick N Mix challenge: Swirls

There is a reason why I don't do much swatching, and polishes like Essence Live, laugh & party are it! The polish in question is the most amazing dark purple jelly that almost looks neon filled with all kinds of matte glitters - but my camera is not having it! I tried all the tricks in the book but still failed miserably. So I just buried it under a heavy stamp - suck it diva polish now nobody will see how cool looking you are :)

For this mani I used Catrice Be my Violetine as base. Over it I added 2 layers of Essence Live, laugh & party. The stamps are made with Essence Stamp me!black and MoYou London Gothic 5.

Here is the only picture that slightly looks similar to the evil polish that is Essence Live, laugh & party. It has a lot more reddish shades in it and it is a lovely sheer jelly - it is just a bit camera shy :)


Pick N Mix challenge: Green

Today I have for you a lovely mani for any geeky girl on the planet :) It is simple and cute, I only wish the holo in the Polish Yer Hooves  polish would be more visible. It is a cool shade I got a while back called Zombie cow blood and it's a lime green scattered holo. It was easy to apply in 3 simple layers. And how cute is the little zombie cow on the bottle? <3

The base is Polish yer Hooves Zombie cow blood. The stamps are made with BM-415 plate. The stamping polishes I used are Essence stamp me! black and Mundo de Unas Dark green.

I feel like I am in the Matrix with this mani :)
source: tumblr
Ladies don't forget to visit Polish Yer Hooves shop because there are always new amazing polishes to discover and if you are a picky nail lover you can even get your own costume polish made :)


Friday, July 24, 2015

Review: Essence Fun fair Limited edition

It finally happened! My favorite cosmetic firms send me a package of items to post a honest review - HOORAY ESSENCE! It is no secret that I love them especially for their Limited editions lines. And the one this month is Fun fair.
I got a blush and some nail flocking powder. My review is below :)

Here you can see the promo pictures that are just adorable and underneath you can see the rest of the items in the line. The theme are fun pastels and soft colors throughout out the line. 

This is my nail art done with Fun fair Cotton candy Sugar for my honey! It is a mix of mint powder and micro mint glitters. The application is very simple! After I was done with the nail art I painted the specific parts with some top coat and poured the powder on the entire nail. After it dries the powder stayed where I wanted and the rest of the nails were fuzz free. 

The base nail art is made with Essence Purple sugar and Stamp me! white, the plate I used is MoYou London Pro XL 3. And I think the design and the colors work well with the entire theme. The powder is very fun to work with and surprisingly durable. And it works as well for nail art not only for full nail coverage. 

The other item I got is Essence Fun fair Around the rosy blush. I rarely use blushes but this one I love. It's pink and subtle when you apply it over a big area, or strong, bold in a pink hue if you apply a thick concentrated coat. It could almost double as an eyeshadow.

So there you have it - fun fair is a cute and fresh line. The line is available in Muller, DM and Tuš drogerijah in Slovenia, so head on over if you feel like you need some sugar in your life.


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

TNCC Travel: Paradise

Since I just got back from my Paradise island adventures on Pag and Zrće trust me I know what paradise is! It's good music, strong drinks, palm trees to hide under and good company! Aww God I want to go back!!! :)

But until next time I finally go back to my homeland here are some nails that were inspired by my stay there :) 

This song was playing a lot out in the clubs and it reminds me so much of the summer fun in the sun so I added it. You guys can listen to it while looking at pretty pictures ;) 
It's Lost frequencies - Are you with me 

For this mani I used a bunch of greens to make the base: Kiko Meadow green, Catrice Hugo moss, Barry M Key lime, China glaze Highlight of my summer. The stamps are made with MoYou London Tropical 18 and Mundo de Unas Lavender

source: tumblr
Did you found your paradise yet?

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

TNCC Travel: India

This months TNCC is Travel - I did my 1st work with the Captain America nails that represent the place I want to visit the most. But today I have a 2 part mani of India - a place I think would be the most mind blowing place to visit. Since it is a place so full of wonder and colors I know I wouldn't wanna leave :)

I love any pictures I see from their festivals since they all look so colorful and fun so I decided to channel it a bit.

What I love the most about India is their mythology, culture and religion. It has developed in a truly unique way and it is a great source to find some inspirations :)

source: tumblr

source: tumblr

For this mani I used OPI I just can't cope-acabana, Where did Suzi's man go?, Live.Love.Carnival and Models own Purple glare to create the base gradient. The mandala-lace stamps are made with Sinful colors Wips and Qgirl-030. The top stamps are made with MoYou London Explorer 21 and Essence stamp me!Black.

Here is a cute elephant - couz they are just to cool and adorable :)

source: tumblr
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